Avalanche Music Marketing implements campaigns for Spinefarm Records

Yearly online marketing project Avalanche Music Marketing has agreed on co-operation with Finnish metal label Spinefarm Records. Avalanche will be designing and implementing personalized online marketing campaigns for two of Spinefarm’s bands: female-fronted folk-metal band Crimfall and epic metal band Brymir.

According to Avalanche Team Leader Mia Hartikainen the campaign with Crimfall starts on February 21st, following the campaign with Brymir on week 10. During the campaigns that last until the end of April the artists are promoted on different social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, as well as on music-related discussion forums. The aim is to increase the general awareness on the artists as well as their fan base. Hartikainen also states that both of the campaigns are planned in co-operation with the bands, so their contents might slightly differ.

Avalanche is part of Campus Entertainment, which is a learning environment for the Music and Media Management students of JAMK University of Applied Sciences.  According to Hartikainen the Avalanche team was very excited to get Spinefarm as their client: “After all it is one of the most well-known record companies focusing solely on metal music”, she continues. She respects the opportunity to get to work with a high-profile company in the music industry. Avalanche’s other clients are individual artists; therefore working with Spinefarm gives a different perspective on planning and implementing the campaigns.

This is the second year Avalanche is co-operating with Spinefarm. Last year Avalanche implemented a campaign for two of the label’s artists, Kiuas and Celesty.

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